It's the 2017

Audience Appreciation Event


  •    THREE CVA Wolf Model 50 Cal. Muzzleloaders
  •    THREE Konus Binoculars, one set of binoculars
  •    THREE Game S aver Food Saver Food Preservation Units
  •    THREE Household Supply (4) - Fireade 2000 Fire Suppressor Units
  •    THREE Rockwell Tools Sonicrafters (or Rockwell Tools eqivalent)
  •    THREE Volume One of 'O’Neill Outside' Wild Game recipe books
  •    THREE Timbuktu Cloak Scent Free Detergent and PayDirt Attractant
  •    THREE Realtree Shirt and Pant Outfits
  •    THREE Arctic Ice Packs for long lasting cooler use
  •    THREE BoatUS PFD's
  •    THREE Worx Aerocarts or Worx Switchdrivers
  •    THREE Family Supplies of Bug Band Insect Repellents
  •    THREE BIG GREEN EGG cook books
  •    THREE Tru-Turn/RoadRunner Panfish Kits
  •    THREE Selections of Fisher’s Choice Canned Panfish Baits
  •    THREE $250 Gift Certificates from Bass Pro Shops
  •    THREE $100 in Bojangles’ Coupons
  •    THREE $100 Coupons for Discount on the Purchase of a Firminator
  •    THREE $100 Coupons for Whitetail Institute of North America food plot seeds
  •    THREE $1,000 Coupons toward the purchase of a Tuff Shed
  •    ONE Autographed copy “The Tenth Legion” by Tom Kelly
  •    ONE Bergara custom hunting rifle provided by Southern Linc Wireless
  •    ONE 4-wheel set of Year One Custom Muscle car wheels
  •    ONE Custom set of XGO Base Layers and Performance T's
  •    ONE 4-piece set of O’Neill Outside Seasonings and Spices


A Large

Eggcessories and Nest

Each Winner will receive a complimentary 1-year membership in QDMA
               AND a complimentary 1-year membership in BoatUS.​

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This event runs through the end of June, 2017.
Winners will be announced on TV and Radio in July, 2017.