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The Radio Show with
O'Neill Williams and Travis Johnson

Every "Brand New Unused Saturday Morning" in metro Atlanta, we bring you a different kind of outdoor radio show. We have people calling in from as many as 38 states from all over the United States due to the "bounce" AM radio waves have during our 4 - 6 a.m. time slot for the show. We hope you will share your "Brand New Unused Saturday Morning" 
with us week after week.

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O'Neill's Radio Show is now
Nationally Syndicated on
SB Nation
O'Neill's radio show is now syndicated nationally to many stations across the United States via the SB Nation Syndication Network; and can also be heard on Sirrus XM Channel 93.

By the end of July, the radio will be streamed 'live' on O'Neill's Facebook page, Livestream, and on

O’Neill is the only professional
fisherman who has his own television show and live radio show that includes interaction with the listeners!