Guides and Outfitters

One of the secrets of my shows over the years has been using a local guide. Many times the guide or outfitter provides us with a show that often times become a favorite for everyone.

I am a firm believer in the notion that the best information on how to locate and catch just about any species of fish comes from a local guide or outfitter. I would encourage you to invest in one on your next adventure in the outdoors. Here are just a few I recommend

Inshore Saltwater Guides

Captain Wendall Harper -- Telephone 912-437-8200
Location - The Two Way Fish Camp on the Altamaha River at Darien, Georgia near Brunswick, Georgia. Wendall and I have fished together many days. We have completed many shows together. Never have I been disappointed. Kings, Reds, Trout? It won't matter, Wendall will find'em for you.

Captain Jimmy Johnson -- Telephone 904-277-0775
Location - Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, Florida. Jimmy and I have caught a vast array of game fish together. Sharks, Reds, Amberjack, Jacks. It won't matter.

Captain Shawn Foster -- Telephone 321-784-2610
Location - Banana River Lagoon, Cocoa Beach, Florida. The first time I hired Shawn, I caught a 51 pound Red. What? Yes 51 pounds! There is no better guide for the Giant Reds on the Central Florida East Coast than Shawn Foster. Call him. You will discover why he's called ‘Dr. Drum'!

Captain Anthony Randazzo -- Telephone 504-656-9940
Location - Venice, Louisiana. Over the years, I've been on the vast flats near Venice with this young man fishing for Reds, Trout and Bass. During the trips, I've never failed to catch a limit of each before lunch. Believe that? Well you will when you charter a trip with Anthony.

Mark Noble -- Telephone 912-634-1219
Location - St. Simons Island, Georgia I've fished with Mark for King Mackerel off the Georgia Coast.  We caught a limit of nice kings in short order. That's usually the case.  With his excellent boat and well maintained equipment, Mark is a professional in every sense of the word.  He sets up for Tarpon as the summer temperatures rise and as fall shortens the days, Mark catches a wide variety of gamefish, rarely not providing a limit for all charters.  Mark is fortunate to be setting up shop in an area that is actually under-fished.  Now that's an unusual statement, but it's true.  Whether its trout from the shallows, site fishing for Triple tail with a fly along the sandy flats, or jumping Tarpon, the traveling fisherman can't do better than my friend, Mark Noble.

Captain Jim Ross -- Telephone 321-636-3728
Location - New Found Harber, Florida.  I fished with Captain Jim Ross in New Found Harbor near Cocoa Beach, Florida. We caught limits early. I learned a great deal about fishing the area and enjoyed the day fishing with Jim. Jim specializes in taking both novice fishermen and the younger set. I guarantee, after the day, you'll book with Jim again and again. I have.


Inshore and Offshore Saltwater Guides

Captain Keith on The MTC -- Telephone 321-279-1344
Location -  Inshore on the famous Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon, and Nearshore or Offshore on the open Atlantic. Capt Keith has over 30 years of experience to get you on the big fish! You'll have a successful and exciting fishing adventure!


Lake Lanier

Ken Sturdivant -- Telephone 770-889-2654
This expert angler and instructor is a retired banker who loves to fish more than anyone I know, except maybe me! Anyway, if you choose to spend the day with Ken for Largemouth and Spotted Bass, and Striped Bass, the instruction will be invaluable to you for years. He's quite a teacher.

Captain Mack Farr -- Telephone 770-271-0851
After 26 years as a full time guide on Lanier, Mack has a fashioned specialty for Stripers, Spots and Crappie. He's a most pleasant and instructive fellow and you'll be glad to spend many a day with Mack. If you can't find the time, you may want to purchase his many videos and books. Fishing with an author? You bet and it's all Mack.

Doug Youngblood -- Telephone 770-945-0797
He's such a nice guy, we call him "Sweet Milk Doug". But when it comes to year round success on Lake Lanier, there is no better guide than Doug. I've caught Stripers (my largest with Doug is 25 pounds on 8 pound line) and really big spots. He seem to know where all the brush piles are and will show you every one. Give Doug a call, you'll find friend on the line.

Henry Cowen -- Telephone  678-513-1934
email: [email protected]

I've spent a bunch of days on Lanier with Henry and each time we caught stripers on the fly, (Fly rod that is). Henry's a northern transplant but he was an awfully nice fellow before he got here. If you want to spend the day with a man who fishes everyday no matter what and can teach you the necessary techniques for catching stripers with a fly, they Henry's your man. I caught my personal record 12 fly-striper with Henry. It was a blast. He always knows where they live.


West Point Lake

Tommy Mike -- Telephone 706-882-8187
Tommy and I have know each other for over 25 years. That means we started fishing together when he was 25 and I was 10. I, without a doubt, have completed more television programs with Tommy than any other person. Tommy has a masters degree in Fisheries Biology and is a true expert on the fresh water species you seek. Tommy has been a professional guide on West Point since 1975 and knows more about those waters than anyone I've ever met. Telephone and brace yourself, you're about to spend the day with "Little Tommy Mike".

Ron Savage -- Telephone 706-884-6232

A professional guide on West Point probably soon after the lake backed up in the mid seventies, Ron has developed lures and made quite a name for himself on the ‘the Point'. He's become a friend of mine over that time and I'm proud to recommend him as your partner for a day on the water.


Lake Allatoona

Allatoona Guide Service -- Fred Duncan -- Telephone 770-422-6539

Fred Duncan, the hardest working full time guide on the lake, skippers for Stripers and Allatoona's numerous trophy hybrids. Fred rates Allatoona as one of the best Hybrid Lakes in the state. His clients have also caught Stripers up to 30 1/2 lbs on Allatoona. Fred cast nets live shad almost daily for a high-yeild day of top notch lineside fishing. Check out his web-site and give him a call. I do highly recommend him.

Allatoona's First Bite Guide Service -- Robert Eidson -- Telephone 770-827-6282

Robert has been fishing Allatoona since the age of 3. Now at 44 years young, he does nothing but fish for Stripers and Hybrid. He was the National Striped Bass Division Champion for 2003 on Lake West Point, the National Striped Bass Champion for 2004 on Bartletts Ferry, and 2004 Champion on Lake Allatoona. If they got stripes and swim in Georgia, he'll catch them!


Other Freshwater Guides

Capt. Darryl Smith, Santee Cooper, South Carolina -- Telephone 803-372-1398

Captain Darryl guides on Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie, the Congaree River, and the Wateree River, as well as Santee Cooper in South Carolina. He has over 36 years of fishing experience to share with you on your adventure!

Capt. Pete Matson, Clermont, Florida -- Telephone 800-707-5463
I've fished several days in a bunch of freshwater with Captain Pete. We've been to the Stick Marsh/ Farm Pond 13 and caught several Lips up to 10 pounds. In the Three Ponds WMA near Kissimee we had a great day on Jackson Lake. Pete's very personable, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. Knows just where they live. From Central Florida's Ponds down to the Stick Marsh, I recommend Capt. Pete. Give him a call.

Al Bassett -- Telephone 706-485-1280
email: [email protected]

Big Al lives on Lake Oconee and fishes the lake certainly more than most, probably 4 days a week. When it comes to knowing what's going on and where the fish are, there's no one better equipped than Al. From the February Crappie run up the rivers to summer and fall patterns on the lake, Al stays in touch. Give him a call for the latest information and a fine day on Lake Oconee.

Steve Sylvester, Guide at Sante-Cooper -- Telephone 843-556-0550 or 843-296-6237
I've been fishing with Steve on two occasions. Both times we caught as many fish and in a shorter time than I ever have anywhere at any time. The first trip we caught a 100 pounds of channel cats in about an hour. We could keep only two rods in the water as they were biting too fast to manage any more. The second time, we followed some other guys in the canal and fished where they had been unsucessful and had moved. You guessed it, we caught'em one after another as fast as we could put baits out. Steve's extremely knowledgeable about the Santee and Cooper Rivers as he is about the lakes. You'll enjoy the day for sure and, oh, be sure and take along a giant cooler or two (remember there's no limits on cats at Santee) and plan to fillem'up.

Hawghunter Guide Service -- Captain Frank Carbone -- Telephone 954-325-1115

One of the Florida's best Guides for Peacock Bass, on Miami's Lakes & Canals. Also Capt.Frank guides Largemouth Bass in The Everglades, Lake Okeechobee & The "Famed" Stick Marsh. All of these great fisheries are year round and can be experienced on a three day trip, for a fishing adventure of a life time.

Allan Franklin -- Telephone 865-694-8888
Allan lives in Knoxville, Tenn. and has five area lakes where he chases stripers. If the stripers are biting, he will find them and show you how to catch a bunch. I fished for Stripers with Allan last year and we caught 20 over 10 pounds in less than 3 hours. He really stays in touch with the fish and what's working. He is now serving his third year as the president of the Tennessee Striped Bass Association and he will work as hard as it takes to put you on these great game fish. If you want to catch or learn how to catch some east Tennessee's big stripers please give him a call.

Paul Pritchard -- GA Guide Service -- Telephone 770-479-6407
We provide a variety of fishing experiences and techniques including live bait and artifical lures. Trolling umbrella rigs are our speciality for large fish.

John Copeland's Mid Georgia Guide Service -- Telephone 770-787-0762
email: [email protected]

Guide service on Lakes Jackson, Sinclair and Oconee for over twenty years.

Terry Smith Guide Service -- Telephone 256-492-2343
We provide the best opportunity to catch trophy Long Nose Gar in the country. Call today for a trip of a life time!

River Through Atlanta Chattahoochee River Guide Service -- Chris Scalley -- Telephone 770-650-8630

Wade and drift boat guided trips for trout, stripers and Shoal Bass.